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Thermal Printer

Seiko, as the leading expert in thermal technology, offers solutions for a wide range of thermal printing applications, including medical, test and measurement, industrial and POS printers. The key of their success: high quality and reliability, advanced technology and quiet operation.

Thermal Printing Technology

Thermal printing involves a heat transfer from a thermal print head to a chemically treated thermal paper. As the heating elements form text and graphics, a thermochemical reaction takes place, so the text and graphics can be seen. Because there are only a few moving parts, thermal printers offer years of reliability, minimal maintenance and consistent operation. One of the most distinctive benefits is its inherently quiet operation.  

Seiko Instruments continually strives to be the preferred supplier of customer-specific thermal printing solutions worldwide and to deliver an unparalleled level of technical service and engineering support to our customers. Seiko Instruments will continue to provide its world-renown customer-driven performance through its demonstration of innovative technology, precision engineering, product availability, on-time delivery and responsiveness to technical questions in the future. ​​​​​​​

edito Kioskprinter Series​​​​​​​

Our new industrial Kiosk Printer family “edito” provides the perfect solution for your individual needs. Fast, reliable and variable: these are the core statements which define these high-quality manufactured Kiosk Printers.

In addition to the base model there is an output control model with a push and pull detection function available. A presenter model including a presenter control module and a presenter/retractor model with internal printing function is completing this advanced printer series.

For easy setup and control of the printer a sophisticated firmware is provided.  Many internal fonts have already been embedded, additional fonts can be downloaded for character sizes from 6x8 to 64x64 dots. The printer can operate with paper widths from 58 mm to 83 mm. An illuminated bezel indicates the availability of a ticket very clearly. All these features provide you a great flexibility for a number of applications.

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■ DPU-S245

■ DPU-S445





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POS Printer​​​​​​​

RP-D Series

RP-E Series



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Printer Mechanisms​​​​​​​