LTP8235 Series


■  Resolution of 6dots/mm

■  High speed, low voltage printing

■  (40mm/s @ 6V, 50mm/s @ 7.2V, 60mm/s @ 8.0V)

■  Low 6.0 to 8.0V power supply operation

■  Compact and lightweight (approx. 50g)

■  Low noise thermal line dot printing

■  Available with or without paper sensor

■  Head up lever available as option

Datasheet (PDF)​​​​​​​


LPT8235 is a line thermal printer with a resolution of 6 dots/mm and high speed printing of 60 mm/s max. It features an extremely compact design in a rugged metal housing.

Ideal for EFT-POS, POS, portable communication terminals and battery-driven devices, the LTP8235 maximizes printer functionality in applications where low voltage, size and weight are a priority. The printer is available with or without paper sensor. The paper sensor enables the comfortable automatic paper loading functions through paper detection. A head up lever is offered as option part.